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Things you should know of 100GBASE-LR4 QSFP28 Transceiver Module

This article will introduce the things about qsfp28-100g-lr4 in detail. You will learn a lot.

What is qsfp28 100g lr4 transceiver module


The QSFP28 100G LR4 Transceiver Module is a device that allows for the transmission and reception of data in either direction on a single physical connection. “LR” means long range.

Qsfp28 100g lr4 transceiver module is a high-speed, high-performance module that has been designed for data rates up to 4X 28 Gbps. It is compliant with IEEE802.3ba and QSFP28 MSA.

Actually, the qsfp28 100g lr4 transceiver module is a 3rd generation of the qsfp series modules from cisco. The qsfp28 100g lr4 transceiver module is an active device that converts 100 gigabit Ethernet signals to the QSFP form.This module can be used for long-reach(10km) data transmission in data centers or for high-speed(100G/112Gbps) data links in telecom networks.

What is qsfp 100g lr4 used for?

QSFP28 100G LR4 is a high-speed, long-reach multi-rate optical module. It is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for data center and campus network interconnect applications. The module utilizes the latest 100G technology with advanced signal processing and modulation techniques which enable it to support multiple data rates on the same fiber link.

What is the advantage of 100gbase lr4

Qsfp28 100g lr4 is a low-power high-performance 100 gigabit ethernet optical transceiver module (OTM) that is designed for campus networks, data centers, and other demanding applications where cost-effective performance is required. The 100GBase-LR4 is more expensive than 100GBASE-SR4 or 100GBASE-CWDM4, but it offers a higher bandwidth and longer distance.

What is the application of qsfp28 lr4

The 100G-LR4 is the latest generation of the 100GBASE-LR, LR4. It has a 10km reach and features an ultra low power consumption design. The main advantage of 100gbase lr4 is its ability to transmit data over long distances without significantly increasing power consumption or cost. This means that it can be used in places where there are not enough high capacity power sources and where higher transmission speeds are needed.

The LR4 offers a data center grade solution for all your networking needs. This is achieved by offering higher bandwidth with less power consumption, which leads to better ROI for your business. In addition, the 100gbase-lr4 has an advantage in that it can operate on both single mode and multi mode fiber, which means you don't have to upgrade your whole network infrastructure just to use this new standard.

The difference between qsfp28 lr4 and qsfp28 sr4

The qsfp28-100g-lr4 is a 100G QSFP28 transceiver module with a long reach of 10 km. The module is designed for applications such as data center interconnection, high-performance computing, and metro networks.

The qsfp28-100g-sr4 is a 100G QSFP28 transceiver module with a short reach of 150m. The module is designed for applications such as datacenter, campus networks, and server storages.

The qsfp28-100g-lr4 is a single-mode laser with a wavelength of 1310nm. The qsfp28-100g-sr4 is a multi-mode laser with a wavelength of 850nm. The difference in distance and power consumption between the two lasers are not significant. The VCSEL in the qsfp28 lr4 is more sensitive to vibration than the DML in the qsfp28 sr4. The 100Gbps LR4 has a DML that can be used to provide high-capacity transmission over long distances and it has a low cost per unit of bandwidth. It also has an impressive power consumption rate and can work at distances of up to 10km. So, if you need to put it on top of a data center, then you should go for the qsfp28 sr4.


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