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QSFPTEK's Optical Module Production Center

QSFPTEK has been engaged in the production and sales of optical modules since 2012. By 2022, QSFPTEK's factory area will reach 1,000 square meters. The factory is equipped with air shower room, module laboratory and production workshop. The workshop temperature is constant at 23 degrees Celsius, and all production processes comply with ISO9001, 14001, and TL9000 standards, and all have been certified.

iso9001, iso14001, TL9000

In order to produce high-quality optical modules, the raw materials purchased by QSFPTEK have been strictly screened, and the chips, TOSA, ROSA and other components are all of medium and high-end brands. The laboratory is equipped with a series of test equipment such as high temperature aging box, temperature cycle box, bit error tester, optical module eye diagram meter, and optical network analyzer.

transceiver compatibility test

To ensure the compatibility of modules, QSFPTEK purchased a large number of mainstream series of brand switches, including Cisco/MikroTik/Mellanox/Arista/HP/H3C/Juniper/Netgear/Ubiquiti and other brands. For improving the scope of optical module compatibility testing, QSFPTEK continues to purchase new equipment. As you can see, we do our best to improve product quality and ensure compatibility.

factory of qsfptekproducing transceiver
test transceiver


The video below shows how QSFPTEK manufactures and tests SFP+/QSFP+ optical modules. The test flow shown will include optical module connectivity test, eye diagram test, bit error rate and sensitivity test, end face inspection, all of the test under high and low temperature cycling conditions. The quality of QSFPTEK production is beyond your imagination. Contact sales now to get quotes at very competitive prices.


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